Does TerpSafe impact cannabinoid content?

TerpSafe does not negatively impact cannabinoid content. The degradation mechanisms of cannabis are functions of oxygen, light and temperature. The presence of gaseous terpenes will not accelerate degradation of cannabinoids in the packaging system.

Can I open the container multiple times?

TerpSafe is designed to be a terpene source that continually renews the cannabis material with terpenes. One advantage of using terpsafe is the constant rejuvenation of the flower material with terpenes that would be lost using conventional packaging methods.

Is the package air tight?

Yes, the closure includes a foil liner as an additional barrier to terpenes escaping the package. 

Please note, however, that TerpSafe itself does not provide tamper evident solutions.

Does cannabis taste artificial as a result of using TerpSafe?

Flower packaged with TerpSafe takes on the natural essence of the terpene solution used. Over time, the flower will taste more like the terpenes used to flavor it, but there terpenes are naturally derived and designed to mirror the strain with which they are packaged.

Do I have to match the strain with the Terpene strain?

The best way to align your strain to the terpene solution is by aligning the dominant terpenes in both. For example, a sativa high in terpinolene and myrcene should be paired with a terpene solution high in terpinolene and myrcene. This provides with best match of floral characteristics.

How much will this impact my labor?

It takes 10-15 seconds to complete dispensing the terpene solution into the cap. Otherwise, using terpsafe will not impact your packaging times.

Does the TerpSafe come fully assembled in the closure?

Yes, all you have to do is add a drop of Terpenes of your choice through the designated hole in the basket. The basket has a 4mm hole that can accommodate a standard luer lock needle.

Can the closure be applied using automated filling equipment?

Yes, the CR closure performs the same as any other standard screw cap 53mm CR closure.

Is TerpSafe child resistant?

Yes, TerpSafe has the same child resistant function as a standard 53mm CR closure.

Are the terpenes from cannabis?

The terpenes are botanically derived and all natural.

How do I decide on which terpene solution to order?

Aligning the primary terpenes of your flower material with the primary terpenes of the solutions is the best way to create a harmonized match.

Can I do this with my own extracts?

The TerpSafe product allows in house extractions to be used. It is important to know the concentration of terpenes in our solution prior to dispensing to achieve optimal results without wasting material.

Will you offer a complete kit with terpenes already infused?

eBottles is partnering with Abstrax to provide ready infused products to be sold as a completed package. We hope for this to be available soon.

Will this lose potency over time?

Terpene presence in the flower has been measured by third party labs out to 2 months. The flower infused using TerpSafe continued to show increasing returns up to 60 days. Terpene levels varied over non treated samples, but increases of 120%-490% were seen over that time.

What are the label implications for my product?

This depends on the state regulatory authority. Some states do not require label adjustments as terpenes are dynamic and naturally present in the cannabis material. Other states require the addition of the terpene solution to the label as it enhances terpene presence in the flower from its naturally cured state.

Can I use this on material other than flower?

We are currently testing to understand how effective TerpSafe is with concentrates and prerolls.

What amount of flower is this intended for? Can I change the amount of flower?

The standard offering is intended for 3.5g or 1/8oz. This scales linearly so if the amount of flower is double, the amount of terpene solution should be doubled. The paper in the 53mm jar has a max capacity of 80 microliters. Future configurations will have larger terpene carrying capacity.

What material is the TerpSafe made from?

Like the closures, the TerpSafe is made from food grade Polypropylene.

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