The Science

Click here to see our peer reviewed study proving TerpSafe works.  This paper, published in the Journal of Cannabis Research quantifies the terpene preserving and augmentation benefits of the system.

Meet our Scientists

Justin Bueno, Ph.D. is the Scientific Director for Vireo Health. Dr. Bueno is an analytical chemist with a diverse background of scientific experience. His graduate work involved applying novel analytical technologies to forensic applications. This research yielded five first authored publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He completed his post-doctoral work at the United States Food and Drug Administration where he published his novel approach for quality assessment of protein pharmaceuticals. Justin next transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry where he supported the manufacturing of small molecule API. Justin was attracted to the medical cannabis industry because of the exciting R&D opportunities. He is currently directing R&D activities and working to bring new technologies and products to market at Vireo Health. Justin received both his Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. from the University at Albany, SUNY.

Justin Bueno

Ph.D, Scientific Director, Vireo Health

Eric Greenbaum is the Chief Science Officer of Vireo Health and has an impressive combination of scientific and legal expertise. Eric began his career working on stem cell and gene therapies for neurometabolic diseases. He went on to explore the role of protein folding in neurodegenerative diseases and led the team that performed the first biochemical characterization of the newly discovered E46K mutation responsible for a form of early onset Parkinson‘s Disease. After leaving academic science, Eric ran a boutique IP law firm where he crafted global patent strategies for biotech and pharmaceutical inventions. Since joining Vireo Health, Eric has been instrumental in developing our IP portfolio and driving our R&D efforts. Eric received a bachelor of science from Emory University in neuroscience; a master of science from the University of Pennsylvania in pharmacology; and a JD from St. John’s University.

Eric Greenbaum

CSO, Vireo Health

In the news

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